Vegan Diet Meal Plan

“As a Vegan health and lifestyle coach, I have based this book on my 20 years experience of meat free living and the timeless studies of Colin T. Campbell. This book is the ultimate “How to” to get you to go vegan, and stay vegan and a hot, thriving vegan at that.” – Donna Wild

Would you love to begin a vegan diet but need some expert pointers?


Would you love to know what to eat to make your skin glow and eyes shine?

I wrote this book so that I can support you in making every one of your desires, reality. I know you’re busy, that’s why I put everything I could into this book that can be read in just 1.5 hours. You can read it right now! 

If this all sounds good to you so far… then keep reading because there is more to it than this.

I myself used to suffer from candida, bloating, lethargy and rheumatoid arthritis. 

I have been 10 kilos (22 pounds) overweight. 

I have felt miserable in my body and purposeless in life. 

I have been on every diet, tried every fad. 

I know your frustrations with food

This book is designed from my 35 years of caring deeply about my health and well-being- my 23 years of meat-free living, 14 years of being vegan and 8 years of thriving plant based. 

I've made this ebook so simple that I encourage you to involve your children if you have any in the tasks and meal prep because I care about their health too and it's easy. 

This book will equip you with the simplest tools to have you enjoying the benefits immediately, today. 

Would you like to feel energetic and sexy today?

Today I live in a body that I LOVE, with a family that has a positive self-image and a positive relationship to food. 

  • I have received a 1st place title at the Australian Latin Dance Cup, 
  • I have conceived a child on the first go, 
  • I got my body back to better than it was without any effort whatsoever within 4 months of giving birth 

This Book will give you...

  • A 7-day meal plan
  • My best tips and tricks to eating plant based
  • The most up to date science on plant based living
  • The truth about animal products and their impact on the body
  • My favourite tips for getting in shape
  • My popular tips for increasing your energy instantly
  • My tips for keeping your cholesterol low
  • The truth about protein, how much you need and how to get it
  • What to do about B12
  • How to increase your iron levels
  • Getting the body you always dreamed- with ease
  • A personalised meal plan
  • Easy delicious Recipes
  • Cooking and uncorking tips and tricks
  • Lunch box ideas for on the road
  • Staying plant based while traveling
  • Raw vegan benefits and recipes
  • I share with you what I eat in a day
  • Cruelty-free living- because no-one really wants to hurt animals


And most importantly... 

You will have absolute confidence that what you chose to eat will give you a thriving body that 

you love! 

What Others are Saying

"Donna is the most sparkly and vibrant person I ever met. She coached me through trainsitioning to a Vegan diet with humour, love and respect. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to move along this path to greater health and compassion." 

-Diana Baldry

When I first met Diana she had just left rehab. She did my program, was glowing days later and has now been sober and a plant based vegan ambassador for 5 years.

"Donna's book is the essential package. Tips and tricks for getting healthy and staying healthy, in an easy to read and easy to follow format. I really liked the variety of recipes and together with the information from Donna's experience of being meat free for 20 years, I now have the confidence that I can stay on this vegan path and I was having a lot of trouble with that before. So thank you Donna! 

I recommend Donna's book to anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle


When Janna purchased my book she had been vegan a few years already but needed something more to get her sparkling.

Right now I invite you to imagine yourself having read this book. 

Feel absolute confidence and enjoyment knowing that you are nourished by every bite.

 Feel it... Own it... Be it...

Here is what I am offering you:

  • Getting the body you always dreamed- with ease 
  • A meal plan: $40 
  • Recipes, recipes and recipes: $20 
  • Cooking and uncorking tips and tricks: $10 
  • Staying plant based while traveling: priceless 
  • Raw vegan benefits and recipes: $10 
  • I share with you what I eat in a day: cool ;) 
  • Cruelty-free living- because no-one really wants to hurt animals: priceless 

That's well over $80 in value and I invite you to buy it now for just $19.